The Koop Studio

Sammy Wags and his studio partner, Matt Graff own and operate a multi-functional Westchester-based recording space. Located in the facility formerly known as Minot Sound Studios, The Koop is a large, two room studio featuring a plethora of vintage and modern instruments and recording equipment.  The 500+ square foot main room serves as both a live room and control room, capable of comfortably housing a full band while tracking.  The isolation booth is 35 square feet; plenty of space for singers to stretch out and feel comfortable, or to keep a big Leslie from bleeding into the drums.  Whether we're tracking a full big band, doing vocal overdubs for an EDM record, or mixing down a slamming rock tune, the flexible space can be easily configured to meet the needs of nearly any type of session.  

This space is where the majority of Sam’s projects are born, and produced. To hear examples of Sam’s recording and production on his own work, and for hire, check out the Discography section, and look for the titles that he has produced and engineered.

“Mr. Clifford” Live at The Koop Studio: