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Sam Wagner aka Sammy Wags is a New York City based performing and composing instrumentalist.

Coming into his own as a leader, and a unique voice in modern Jazz and Groove based music, he has a lot to offer to the creative music landscape. He is the Composer/Producer/Drummer of the critically acclaimed Afrobeat/Jazz group; The Brighton Beat, the Composer/Producer/Keyboardist for the modern Soul/Funk quartet; Mr. Clifford and leads an ever-evolving group under his own name in which he performs on a hybrid Guitar/Bass instrument of his own creation.

An accomplished educator, with roots in the Hudson Vally, Sam has a passion for music education, and has extensive experience working with students of all ages. Both alone, and with ensemble he has given clinics, workshops, and masterclasses on rhythm, improvisation, and Jazz history.

Behind the scenes, Sam currently owns and operates a professional recording facility in Westchester County, NY where he can produce his own projects, and help realize the vision of the many up-and-coming artists he works with. His recording/production work has been featured on commercial and independent radio, network television, and large market video game releases.

Regardless of challenge, risk and reward, Sam is determined to make his, and his peers voices heard in the ever-changing landscape of creative music. His consistent, overarching goal in all musical pursuits is to encourage thoughtfulness, to provoke emotion, and to lift the spirits of all who he interacts with. Success is not personal, it’s universal.