A unique and engaging spectacle for all ages; The Brighton Beat's influences range from Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti, to modern cutting-edge NYC Jazz with a heavy helping of classic New Orleans brass band Funk. Performing up and down the East coast since 2010, the band has developed a style of performance that uniquely engages the audience and is fun for the whole family. Positive, uplifting, danceable music is a trademark of The Brighton Beat sound. Instrumental songs that feature room for the horn section to improvise anchor the band's set, but the show often includes guest vocalists, audience participation, group sing-a-longs and even the occasional circus act.




Mr. Clifford is a unique melding of vintage sounds with a modern twist. Anchored by funky rhythms and Synth ear candy, the band fuses retro Soul, old school Hip Hop, New Orleans Boogaloo and NYC Groove Jazz into one extravaganza of genres. Through uplifting and danceable songs, Mr. Clifford traverses many decades of music and leaves ample room for virtuoso soloing and improvisation, making each performance a one-of-a-kind experience.




An ever-evolving group with a bit more flexibility than many of his other projects, the Sammy Wags Trio is the first venture into uncharted territory in which Sam performs mostly original Jazz/Groove music on a hybrid Guitar/Bass instrument of his own creation. A more intimate, yet exciting departure from the festival vibe of his other projects, this music comes from a life long yearning to be able to provide the full harmonic foundation with which to build a group off of. Not unlike life itself, the rewards far out weigh the innumerable challenges that present themselves.