Sammy Wags - Students and Clinics

Sam has been a professional educator for over 10 years. In fact, even since as far back as High School he’s always had a number of private students, and has a love for sharing his passion with developing musicians of all ages. During his time at Berklee College of Music he studied not only performance, but made sure to hone his education skills as well. He has gone on to make private instruction a large part of his life ever since, and maintains many fruitful relationships with students that have decided to make learning music a life long endeavor.

In recent years, Sam has had the honor of giving clinics and masterclasses to a wide variety of educational disciplines. Through The Brighton Beat’s “Jazz In The Classroom” programs, he has worked extensively with Middle and High-School age students to develop a deeper understanding of Jazz, Rhythm, and improvisation.

At the collegiate level, Sam has been a guest artist at NYU’s Tisch program to work with a select group on his own original concepts on advanced human-based rhythm theories, and how it applies to singing, speech, movement and scene study.

The Brighton Beat - “Jazz In the Classroom”

In the Fall of 2017, with the support of The Clayton Jazz Festival, and under the direction and organization of Sammy Wags, The Brighton Beat launched a new brand of clinics, and in-school performances centered around engaging with students of all ages and showing them what modern Jazz and World Music is and can be. Giving them the tools to appreciate, understand and create it for themselves.

"Jazz in the Classroom" as it was dubbed, brings a multifaceted presentation to schools and institutions that both have strong music programs, or none at all. Part performance, part history lesson, part hands on experience make this an extremely unique event. The reward of being able to share the bands passion of improvisation and fusion of many musical influences is very evident in the energetic, fun and informative performances they tailor for each individual occasion. 

Since it’s inception, the clinic program has garnered rave reviews and has had the fortune of growing in support and experience. These workshops have become an integral part of the bands music, message and purpose in the greater music community.