Sam Wagner aka Sammy Wags is an active performing and composing multi-instrumentalist. A graduate of Berklee College of Music, Sam is an accomplished educator, leader of the critically-acclaimed Afrobeat/Jazz group; The Brighton Beat and can be heard recording, and performing music with many up-and-coming Jazz, World, and Acoustic artists. 

"Whether providing the soundscapes for a theatrical production or hammering out a backbeat to a sold out crowd, the Sammy Wags enthusiasm and taste is unparalleled." 

    Sam’s playing can be heard on the records of many touring artists, and examples of his recording/production work has been featured on commercial and independent radio, network television, and large market video game releases.  He currently works out of a variety of studios/post-production houses in the NYC metro area, but does most of his engineering and session work at Headline_Studios and mixes at his state-of-the-art home mixing suite.

    Sam continues to inspire others to create and express themselves with music.  A seasoned educator, he maintains a roster of private students in and around New York City.  

    Outside of the music industry, Sam is a contributing editor of The Iconoclast Magazine.