Who Is SammyWags?

    Sam Wagner aka Sammy Wags is an active performing and composing musician. A graduate of Berklee College of Music, Sam is enjoying the challenge of trying to make a living from art during these trying times. Currently running back and forth between Boston, and New York City, he finds the will and the time to teach, record, and perform music with up-and-coming reggae, hip-hop, world and acoustic artists. Whether he's providing the soundscapes for a theatrical/dance production or hammering out a backbeat to a sold out crowd, his enthusiasm and taste is unparalleled. 

    Check out the Discography and Studio sections for links to all of Sam's current projects, and info about the people he has played with and recorded. The idea is to spread the word about all the good music and good things happening in a time where the commercial music industry is hitting
rock bottom.