Over the years my fascination with recording music has blossomed into a passion that continues to reinvent itself every time I set up a new  studio space.  While many prefer to get a permanent space for music creation/recording, I make every living space I inhabit to be one that fosters the creative spirit and provides a comfortable and relaxed place for the musicians I work with to create freely and easily. 

    I'm always looking for new music to record, I have an intimate space with some amazing vintage gear, and pricing based solely on a per-project basis. I have many examples of my playing on the records of successful touring artists, and examples of my production work that has been featured on commercial and independent radio, TV, and large market video games. Feel free to contact with any and all queries.

Check out a Demo Reel of my favorite recordings:

Check out some examples of my drumming on recording projects:

Hohner DUO 

Fender Rhodes

Moog Prodigy

Roland RS-09

Yamaha CP-35

Leslie Model 825

Chopped  Hammond L-100

Music Man 4X10

Motion Sound Pro-145

delicious wood floor room for tracking