"iLa Mawana offer a classic roots sound: no stiff computerized beats, no cheesy synthesizers, just a fat oldschool groove"
"Drummer Sammy Wags and organist Jason Moore keep it tight and terse"

Lucid Culture had some great things to say about iLa's first full-length release Soldiers of Sound:

High Times Magazine

iLa Mawana voted Best Unsigned Band of the Week in High Times, July 1st 2010!

Home Grown Music Network

"They made you feel so absorbed in their vibe that I found myself wanting to sing along to songs I’d never heard before"
    -Buffy Bender

One of the best reviews from one of the bands favorite shows of iLa's summer '10 tour,

Oregon Music News

"iLa Mawana incorporates dub and roots, and of course a little Bostonian jam band flair, to bring forth a heap of good vibes."

iLa's first time in Portland:

"Overall, iLa Mawana has made a fun, party-filled work of art. It’s reggae without the overbearing religious and cultural lyrics that          sometimes make the listener uncomfortable. Soldiers of Sound is pure pleasure."
    -John Powell

Check out the Soldiers of Sound album review, he wants more drums!

Miami New Times

"The clan played a clean, organic set of uplifting tunes, where drums flirted with bass and horns and the vocals seduced."
    -Tracy Block

Great times at the first show of the tour in Miami for iLa Mawana

"I had been in conversation with my companion when the kick drum hit. I turned as the bass fell into a groove, and the energy, from moment one, set the standard."
    -John Powell

Check out an extensive, well written review of iLa's CD release show 5/15/10:

"Ila Mawana truly came to life last summer as they began writing material with organ/rhodes player Jason Moore and drummer Sammy Wags. They are a part of a new wave of reggae played by young, collegiate musicians that pack a melodic wallop heavy enough to appeal to both veteran rastas and those who may be virgins to the powerful music of Marley, Jimmy Cliff and Burning Spear."

Music blog gives a pre-tour rundown on iLa Mawana:

"Drummer Sammy Wags had the one-drop down cold but also had a lot of different beats up his sleeve, especially on the faster numbers,           abetted by a nimble conga player stashed toward the back of the stage."

NYC based Lucid Culture reviews iLa Mawana in NYC:

Music Connection Magazine

"It's impossible to listen to iLa Mawana's riddims without grinning and grooving."
    -Andy Kaufman

LA-based Music Connection Magazine reviewed iLa live in there April 2010 issue,
check it out on Page 52:

Performer Magazine

"They have created a record that showcases their proficiency as musicians and energy as entertainers."
    -Tanya Fuller

Performer Magazine gave a great review of the iLa Mawana EP in their March 2010 issue,
A great response to the EP that was recorded live, mixed, and mastered in the home studio of SammyWags

Check out the full review here:

and be sure to check out our dear friends, and old classmates; Lucius, also featured in the same issue:

"Their music was not just good, but it was captivating, you felt it in your bones, and it brought a smile to my face."
     -Jon Custodio for  

Jon spoke with Sam and Dave Rosen (guitar) from iLa Mawana before a sold-out show at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA.

Check out the full interview here:

Music Connection Magazine

Music Connection Magazine named iLa Mawana one of the top 100 unsigned live bands in America!
Some great artists on the list, but only one other reggae act!

check the whole list out here: 

Film Features - 

Television Features - 

RADIO Features -

88.9 WERS "Rockers"

A few tracks from the iLa EP, Recorded and mixed by Sammy Wags 
are being featured on the "Rockers" program on WERS 88.9  weekday nights from 7-9
Keep an ear out for some future in-studio live performances.

Take a listen online: