The Thornwood Boys
  Never So Determined 

   March 2012

  -Co-Written, Recorded, and   Mixed By Sammy Wags
  -Sam on Guitar, Keys, Vocals


 Sixth Degree

  Initial Transmission

   January 2011

  -Co-Produced, and Mixed by Sammy Wags 
  -Sam on Congas, Shekere, and misc. percussion 

 iLa Mawana
   Soldiers of Sound
     May 2010

   -Co-Written, and Mixed By Sammy Wags
   -Sam on Drums/Percussion


iLa Mawana
  iLa Mawana EP
   July 2009

    -Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Sammy Wags
    -Sam on Drums/Percussion

             Matt Lowell 

First Taste EP - June 2008

                -Sam on Drums/Percussion 


             Jon Paul Nightbird EP - November 2007
                -Sammy Wags on Drums