I want everyone to have full access to whatever I'm working on currently...and for FREE!!!                                                                                                      So this page will have all the newest projects of my own, in addition to songs I produce for other artists.

Currently up for offering is my newest release/work in progress entitled "Back To The Burbs" This is the album in its entirety, it's suburban hip-hop with a strong dose of electronic groove.  The beats are all created by me over the past few years (using ONLY my real drumming, or samples of me playing drums) then made into real compositions by friends/MC's I've known and loved for years.

Special thanks to MC 6th Degree for really making this project worthwhile, Check out his live band in Music Projects

**Sorry it's in 4 parts, I'm still trying to figure out the easiest way to post, while keeping the quality high**

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